Week 2: Decisions, decisions…

gerber-daisy-827134_960_720Now that we have the ring, it is time to plan! The dress? The cake? The location? These and so many more details that need planning. Tyler and I are NOT very traditional so I know we’re not going to have a church, a white dress or a big bill…hopefully. I began to think about the color of the dress and I have settled on yellow. Yellow is defined as relating to acquired knowledge, uplifting, illuminating and offering hope; what I think are qualities of any good marriage. It also represents happiness, cheeriness and fun; perfect for one of the most memorable days of our lives.

My dream dress is pale yellow with lace with off the shoulder long sleeves. Very flowy and lengthwise I imagine just above the knee. If I cannot find one with long sleeves, then I think I would like to have wrist length lace gloves; I don’t know yet if they will be the same color as the dress. If not, they will probably be white with white shoes or my other wedding color which I think might be red. But there is, of course, a good chance that I will change my mind. The reason I picked yellow as my dress color is because it holds a special meaning for the two of us. He loves how I look in yellow and he tells me every time how beautiful I look every time I try something yellow on. I bought a beautiful yellow dress at a 2nd hand shop down in O.B. for $12. I told Tyler I’d like to save it for our upcoming anniversary. He agreed and we decided I wouldn’t wear it until our 2nd year anniversary which was in a couple months. The big day came and suddenly I noticed a big stain on the front of the dress right before we went out to dinner (ya, make sure you look at clothes in the light before you buy them 2nd hand) the way the dress was pleated it, luckily, wasn’t too noticeable. He proposed to me in my stained, 2nd hand, pretty yellow dress and it was perfect. I think details like that make everything more interesting…and special. I haven’t started looking for my dress yet but I am setting my budget at $100! I know it’s not much but I believe it is better starting to save for our lives together rather than spend a boat load of money on something I’m most likely only going to wear for 1 day. I am going to start looking at dresses soon but I doubt I’ll be buying anything for at least a few months.

img_0785It’s time to think about where we would like to have our wedding. Originally, I thought I would love to have a wedding in the snow…but then I remembered I’m a San Diego born and raised wuss who can barely handle the thermostat dropping below 65 ͦ. Plus, yellow and snow? No. So, my wonderful fiancé has the idea of having a small ceremony on a boat and having a reception afterwards. I said I would like to have it on a lake; I think it would be perfect to have it on a lake (the boys can all go fishing afterwards as per my fiancé’s request). Then afterward have a fun party with all our friends and family in a cool lake house that we can stay in for a couple days after. I think this is a perfect plan so hopefully this will be our final decision on the location. Except of course where that location actually is. It has to be somewhat close so it won’t be a hassle for guests to travel but somewhere that’s not too expensive. Definitely going to have to do some research on that one. I think our maximum budget is going to be around $5000. I have no idea if that is a doable budget but I think we can make it work if we just put effort into finding inexpensive and creative ways to make it a beautiful day. I would like to have the ceremony at sunset and tons of white lights around during both events. Lots of music, fun and of course- an open bar.


I thought about having a kind of a monitored kids table that has games and activities. I’d like to hire a couple of people (probably a couple of friends’ teenagers) to watch and entertain kids so that the parents can have a good time and not have to worry about watching their kids. I think it would be nice for parents to be able to really relax and have fun. That’s when we’ll bust out the tequila shots, karaoke, and the video cameras! I really just want to throw a big and fun party; I’ll have to start thinking of some themes. I need something more than just wedding colors, I want fun props and lots of pictures. One of my friends had a photo booth at her reception so that might be a good idea (as long as it is within the budget). One of the things I am really excited to do it pick out our wedding song. The song that always makes me think of Tyler is Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend. I absolutely love that song but Tyler and I will decide together. I would also like to do a fun salsa/swing dance. Today I showed Tyler a song I’d like to dance to but that is going to be a surprise.

The wedding day is just as much about the groom as it is the bride; too many women lose sight of that. I never want to take him for granted especially not on the day that symbolizes the start of our lives together. I just want my wedding to be remembered as fun and entertaining, not stressful and something people didn’t enjoy. All weddings will have something go wrong at the last minute; rather than freak out and feel the whole experience is ruined, you have to see it as an opportunity. If it can be solved, you and your future spouse can fix it together. If it is not something that can be fixed, like the weather, you just have to roll with it and make it part of your beautiful love story. I, for one, can say that if it rains on my wedding day I’d rather play in a puddle than cry in the mud.


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